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10 Interview Questions And Answers For Police Officers

November 18, 2019

10 Interview Questions And Answers For Police Officers

Aspiring to be a police officer? Perhaps, you’re here because you have an upcoming interview. Below are the interview questions and answers for police officers.


1) What kind of challenges are you looking for in the position of a police officer?

The best way to answer this type of question is to seek on how to utilize your experience and skills if you get fired as a police officer. You may also indicate how you are motivated on accepting challenges, and have the skills and flexibility necessary in encountering a challenging job.

Continue then by describing any specific examples on how you have met challenges in the past and achieved it.

2) Describe a work week for a police officer position?

Answer this with something relatable, the more you connect the past experience with the job position, the more successful it would be at answering questions. Keep the answer focused on organized aspect as well, such as The first thing that I do on Monday morning is to check my voicemail or email, then I get to prioritize the rest of my activities for the week.”

3) What is your biggest weakness?

This question is tough, and you can’t say that you don’t have one. It’s always nice to mention a mistake that you are aware of it, such as I am somewhat nervous when it comes to public-speaking skills and I am keen to give more presentations to talk in meetings and in front of others.

4) Why should we hire you?

It’s the most popular question there is, and the best way to answer this in applying as a police officer position is to link your experience, education, personality and skills that are related to the job. It’s best to explain why you are a good team player, and to back them up with a past experience or examples.



5) What do you know about our organization?

It’s best to understand the company before applying, for this type of questions may be asked. To know more about the company, look for their official website and read “about us.” You may search their LinkedIn page, if you have an account.

It’s not necessary to tell everything about the company, just inform what the service or product does the company sells, how long the organization has been in the business, and the culture of the company or how its mission statement is related to your personality or values.

6) Why would you want to work with us?

With this, it is important to know about the company’s culture. If you have found out that the company is associated with prioritizing integrity, then you would explain how you would contribute to the team with integrity. Overall, the best policy is always to be honest with yourself, and tell what aspect of the company’s culture that motivates you.

7) What have you learned from the mistakes on the position of a police officer?

Give an example, and a good example would be is moving ahead without group assistance while assigned to a group project meant to be collaborative.

8) Why do you want to be a police officer?

Companies always look for candidates who are passionate on their applied job. With this, identify the kind of key factors that make a great fit for who you are, then share about how much you love the company such as I have a passion for education, and I think the company is doing the great things, so I want to be a part of the team.

9) Are you okay with the salary we offer?

The best way to answer this questions is The salary was very attractive, but the job itself is what I am more attracted to. Avoid the answer that shows that the salary is only your foremost reason of your interest. 

10) Do you have any questions?

Avoid questions that are related to leave, place of posting, perks and salary. Questions that are acceptable would be knowing more about the development programs or induction. Other option would be stating "I would like to ask for your feedback, for me to rectify my shortcomings and improve my strengths."


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