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10 Reasons Why Being A Police Officer is Awesome

June 04, 2017

10 Reasons Why Being A Police Officer is Awesome

Being a police officer is more than just earning a good income, receiving health insurance for the family, and getting nice retirement benefits. There are various reasons for becoming a Law Enforcement Officer; from the public service benefits and protecting the community. Below are just 10 Reasons Why Being a Police Officer is Awesome.

1) Helping Others
True happiness comes from helping others, and that is the primary job of being a Police Officer. Sometimes it's the little things can have the biggest impact on someone's life. From small acts of kindness, such as helping to change a flat tire, or showing empathy to an assault victim, these little acts can go a long way.

2) Training
Police training is to improve the skills police officers need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. From learning safety control, defensive tactics, firearms training, pursuit driving, first aid and CPR to other essential and advanced training for different job aspects; they are worth it and can be a lot of fun.

What is the best part of training? There is no paperwork! The training provides all the excitement, and the skills you need to do your job. Most professionals need continuing education credits to maintain their qualifications, this is just how Police Officers do it.

3) Batman’s Assets Aka. The “Toys.”
Yes, by “toys” we’re talking about the weapons. Or if you’d like to think of it as "Batman’s assets," you can. With the high-power flashlights, taser and conductive weapons, well-performing sidearm, handcuffs and higher-capacity magazines, you get to use them all; not to mention the belt is the pretty impressive.

4) Police Cars
Even though mounted police were once rare, police officers and cars go together like peanut butter and jelly. That's not even the best part. Many departments offer take-home cars. That's right, you get to park that 10-8 in your driveway!

Of course, the driving is what makes it fun. With the sleek look of the cars; the body style, paint schemes, emergency equipment and not to mention, the police package upgrades. Even if there are departments that use pool cars, roam around the town like it’s your own.

5) The Camaraderie
We all know that law enforcement is a unique profession, it’s considered a one-of-a-kind job, for police officers have established a brotherhood. You have a constant sense of belonging and family which is rare in the corporate world. When everything's crumbling around you, police officers can rely on each other to protect and bond with, and that’s definitely one of the best reasons to become one.

6) The Authority
It’s rewarding to see a problem fixed with the use of your own authority and help. Although there is the potential for abuse, citizens rely on Police Officers to problem solve efficiently and with justice.

7) Saving Lives
It may not always make the television or newspaper, but it is true that police officers save lives every single day. Sometimes, we see it on headlines such as: "Police Officer Saves Child From Jumping Off Building" or " Police Officer Saves Women From Burning Vehicle." These valiant men and women put their lives at risk every single day to protect the innocent and to save lives.

8) The Excitement
It has been stated that working in law enforcement includes only 1% of drama, and the rest 99% is boredom. Indeed, the exciting moments can be few and far between, but when it finally happens, it is worth the wait.

However, it’s not just about seeking a thrill. Those "exciting" moments can sometimes be one of the most frightening experiences a Police Officer could encounter. Rather, it’s better to call them “hot” calls in which it’s time to get to work. The best and most rewarding feeling is being able to overcome the situation and bring it to a successful conclusion.

9) The Responsibility
Being a police officer is not what matters, it is a job that matters. In truth, we all want a job that will make a difference, and that will mean something. When you are a Law Enforcement Officer, you are on duty 24/7. It is being bigger that yourself and making a positive impact on the world.

10) The Respect
Police officers automatically command respect from people around them. Regardless of their status in their department, church groups, or even circles of friends; Police officers are treated with a measure of respect in their communities. Kids look up to them, and the communities respect them.

Now we take it to you, what's your favorite reason for being a police officer? Is it one of the 10 reasons above or do you have a different one? Share and comment below why you think being a Police Officer is awesome.

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