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10 Reasons Why Being A Law Enforcement Officer is Awesome

April 28, 2018 2 Comments

10 Reasons Why Being A Law Enforcement Officer is Awesome

10 Reasons Why Being A Law Enforcement Officer is Awesome

Being a law enforcement officer is about more than job security and benefits. Those things help, of course, but there are a bunch of other reasons why being a law enforcement officer is awesome.

1) Helping Others

Law enforcement officers are in a rare position where they can directly see their impact on the community. People feel safe when they know that the police are active and on duty. Seeing people feel like this is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a law enforcement officer.

2) Training

There’s a plethora of useful skills that you can learn during your law enforcement training. From combat training to first aid and advanced driving lessons. All these skills are useful not just for when you’re on duty, but also can be useful skills to have in case of emergencies.

You never know when you might need to use first aid or CPR. You also never know when you might need to defend yourself or your loved ones from harm. Law enforcement training helps you prepare for these situations.

3) The Gear

Carrying a gun is cool, but the rest of the gear that law enforcement officers are given are equally as cool. Law enforcement officers get to carry an amazing flashlight, handcuffs, and a series of other tools that help them carry out their day-to-day task. The best part? You get a utility bet - yes, like Batman.

4)  Police Cars

You know that feeling when you see a police car. Admiration. Awe. Even a little bit of curiosity. Will the siren go off? Will they pull someone over? Police cars are a symbol of the duties that law enforcement officers are expected to uphold.

Police are given cars to carry out their duties on the force. Some departments even grant their law enforcement officers with take-home cars that they can drive home in every day. The advanced driving training teaches you how to handle the car properly, so that you always feel confident on the road. And yes, you get to turn the siren on sometimes.

5) The Camaraderie

If you’ve ever been a part of a sports team, a club, or any sort of tight-knit group, you know about the powers of camaraderie. Few things can motivate your, or make you feel as comfortable as a solid group of friends who share something special.

When I was an athlete, I bonded with my teammates because we all worked hard and shared that bond. We had different interests, but were an extremely tight-knit group thanks to that connection. Law enforcement officers share a special bond through their work that few other professions can have.

6) The Authority

Being able to take charge and use your authority is a rewarding skill. Few people are able to develop this skill in their lifetime. That’s why being a LEO is such a great job. You quickly learn how to develop your authority, and when the right time to use it is. This can make you a better partner, friend, and parent.

7) Saving Lives

Saving lives is probably the most rewarding part about being an LEO. A lot of the other stuff is cool and can be fun, but this is why most of us do the job. At the end of the day, LEOs are here to protect and serve. Nothing is better than knowing you saved a life, and that your community is safe.

8) The Excitement

No, being a LEO isn’t like it is on TV. We don’t get in high paced car chases very often, and we rarely go undercover or make a massive drug bust. But, there are definitely exciting parts of being a LEO, and they’re sprinkled throughout your career with just enough regularity to keep things fresh. Sometimes, it’s as simple as closing an issue that’s been open for a while. LEOs know how rewarding that feels!

9) The Responsibility

The responsibility given to LEOs is a big part of the job. It helps you realize what’s important, and gives you valuable skills you can use in your everyday life. Whether you’re in charge of an entire precinct, or just your specific area, you have to learn to organize and lead.

Whether you’ve always been responsible or not, becoming a LEO will make sure you are. You’ll take that responsibility home with you, and show the people you love just how reliable you are in any situation.

10) The Respect

Respect is a two-way street. If you show your community respect, and protect them the way you’re supposed to, you’d be shocked at how much respect they’ll show you in turn. It’s all about building relationships within your community, and being a LEO is great for that.

There’s a lot of negative media portrayal of LEOs, but people forget all about that when they need one. Better yet, you can make a difference in people’s opinions simply by doing your job right, and respecting your community.

Fun and Rewarding Career

These are just some reasons why being a LEO is the best job in the world. Sure, we’re a little biased, but we think serving our amazing communities is reason enough to call this job one of the best you can have. All these other things? They’re just the cherry on top.

2 Responses

William Flesch
William Flesch

September 25, 2018

Was a LEO for 32 1/2 years . All 10 reasons was why I became a LEO.

Tom Frost
Tom Frost

September 25, 2018

It certainly was not for the money, but 30 years were all those things you wrote!!!!!!!

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