July 31, 2018

No law enforcement officer takes the job for perks like free coffee, and of course, you're technically not even supposed to accept it when it's offered. But hey, this is one of those perks that comes with being a police officer! All jokes aside, forging strong bonds with business owners in your area is also part of the job - and sometimes you can enjoy a nice cup while you're at it!

So, do you know how to spot the joints who value your work?

Ask a Superior Officer

Your department is all but guaranteed to have a few veteran LEOs hanging around. These are the guys that know every alley and corner of their beat. They also know the best tips and tricks to make the most of your life on the force. These are the guys (and gals) you need to ask if you have any questions. They can help you with the tough stuff, but also the good stuff! Specifically, where you should be getting your coffee. With their years of experience, you know they’ll have an idea of where you can get your caffeine fix.

Stop by in Your Uniform

On your way to or from a shift and want to pick up a coffee? Stop by in your uniform. Chat with the workers. Tons of workers will give you your order for free as soon as they see you in uniform. This doesn’t mean you can start flexing your status as a cop anywhere you like. It’s important to stay professional. Coffee usually helps with that!

Speak to the Owner

I don’t mean barge in and demand free coffee. That’s going to get you in more trouble than anything else. I’m talking about the small coffee shops that always brew the best cups. Usually, the owner is pretty visible in a place like that. You can strike up a conversation with him or her pretty easily. Casually mention a few cop-related issues and boom, you’re in business!

Patrolling the Area

This is especially true if you’re patrolling at night near a 24 hour establishment. These places can be vulnerable to crime in the late hours of the night. If you become a familiar face during your patrols, many coffee shops will feel gratitude and want to hook you up with some coffee. They want to keep you around, and keep you awake at the same time!

Getting free coffee isn’t something you should necessarily go out of your way to do, but it can feel nice knowing that people appreciate what you do for their community. It’s worth checking around your department to see what the rules are about such things as well. At the end of the day, your goal is to be the best law enforcement officer you can… free coffee is just a bonus!

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