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8 Education Programs Perfect for Law Enforcement Officers

June 12, 2018

8 Education Programs Perfect for Law Enforcement Officers

Many who enter law enforcement do so with an educational background. That is, they’ve taken part in some kind of educational program that helps them in their new field of work. These programs aren’t necessary to become a law enforcement officer, but they can certainly help. Having a background knowledge of the law and certain proceedings can help any LEO find success in the field. Here are a list of some of the best programs available.

1) Sacramento State University - Criminal Justice Program

The  Criminal Justice Program at Sacramento State University is one of the most renowned in the United States. It’s perfect for people interested in pre-law studies or crime science. You can learn a lot about studying crime scenes and deducing conclusions based on clues.

This type of program is perfect for intuitive learners who seek to be law enforcement officers. They can learn about studying certain crimes and drawing conclusions about them.

2) University of Pennsylvania - Criminology

The  Criminology Program at the University of Pennsylvania is an extensive program for Ivy League students. It comprises research, analysis, and the study of the many criminal acts and statutes.

This program is ideal for academic-types who can see themselves committing several years to study. While it is intensive and rigorous, this program produces some of the brightest minds in criminology. Any police force would be lucky to have someone with as much background knowledge as them.

3) Temple University - Criminal Justice

Much like Sacramento State, Temple University has a great  Criminal Justice Program. The focus of this program is to research criminal justice. This research produces theories and paradigms that allow criminal behavior to be profiled.

Law enforcement officers who complete this program should consider working as a specialist in their department, such as a detective who can work to solve crimes.  

4) George Washington University - Police and Security Studies

One of the most practical programs on this list, George Washington University’s  Police and Security Studies program is one of the best for law enforcement officers. This program is full of practical learning that will help anybody working in law enforcement.

People who want to study about what police officers go through before joining law enforcement are a perfect match for this program.

5) Northeastern University - Criminology and Criminal Justice

Northeastern University provides plenty of programs focusing on criminology and criminal justice. These programs typically take a macro perspective. That is, they focus on the big picture and how this impacts the field of law enforcement.

Those who are interested in the big picture should consider studying at Northeastern. They will be able to come to conclusions about major aspects of law enforcement, and put those ideas into practice.


6) John Jay College of Criminal Justice

John Jay Collegeworks closely with law enforcement to develop programs that will produce useful research for departments and police forces. It is the research done in these programs that makes John Jay College such an excellent choice.

Law enforcement officers who want to impact the inner-workings of the police force should attend this school to learn about ways to improve the approach of different police forces.

7) Sam Houston State University - Criminal Justice

Sam Houston State University is famous for being one of the oldest criminal justice programs in the United States. They were also the first school to provide a PhD in criminal justice studies.

People who seek further education and a deeper knowledge of the criminal justice system should consider applying for this school’s incredible graduate program.

8) University of California, Irvine - Criminology, Law, and Society

This program is excellent because it offers a flexible, online learning schedule. Not only that, but it also provides internships in various departments that allows a person to get experience in the field.

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