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7 Awesome Side-Jobs For LEOs

June 12, 2018 1 Comment

7 Awesome Side-Jobs For LEOs

There’s a lot more to being a law enforcement officer than meets the eye. Some think that police officers have an easy job, but that’s not the case. There’s the danger, the stress, and the overall toll it takes on a person’s personal life. Despite these things, it’s an incredibly rewarding job.

That being said, it’s important for a lot of people to have a side-hustle. Whether this is for the extra income or for another reason, it’s important to know what side-jobs are perfect for law enforcement officers. This blog post will describe seven jobs that are excellent for LEOs.

Volunteer Firefighter

In the same vein of public service and protection, volunteer firefighting gives LEOs a chance to exercise their skills and develop new ones. While volunteering doesn’t bring in any money, it’s still a worthwhile job for LEOs who work for the chance to protect and serve.

Fighting fires can be another way to serve the public and feel pride in one’s work. Protecting your community is an effort that should never go unnoticed. Those that do it for free should be commended. Volunteer firefighting is the perfect side-job for law enforcement officers who want to protect their community to an even greater degree, and it'll even help you stay in shape!

Private Investigator

Any law enforcement officer knows that PIs and LEOs don’t necessarily have the best relationship. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try your hand as an independent contractor in your field.

As a law enforcement officer, you’ll have a better idea of boundaries than many other private investigators. It’s important to recognize those boundaries and exercise caution. You don’t want to cross any lines.

That being said, being a private investigator is a great opportunity for law enforcement officers. It lets you use your skills to serve people, and get paid to do it!

Restaurant/Cafe Owner

This job is a little more difficult, because it requires some start-up capital. If you get an inheritance or happen to have some money lying around, it might be worthwhile to purchase a restaurant or cafe.

Owning a small business like this can be a great way of padding your pay and diversifying your sources of income. The time-consuming part will be finding ways to manage the business in your spare time. Keep in mind you will need to manage things like paying your employees and making decisions about the restaurant.

If you have the money and time, then this is a great side-job for law enforcement officers.


It’s hard to be a law enforcement officer and manage to avoid any interesting stories. Being in the thick of things means seeing the world from a different perspective. It’s a perspective few people experience, but there is a way that you can share that experience.

Blogs are a great way for law enforcement officers to connect with their community and share experiences that will be interesting to them. You can even make a few extra bucks on the side if you monetize it with advertisements or affiliate products!


Law enforcement officers tend to have a keen eye. It’s a requirement for the job. The thing is, you can use that eye for a lot more, and can even turn it into a side-job if you have the skill.

Photography is a great hobby, but can also be a side-job if you know what you’re doing. There are plenty of websites that will buy photos for stock images, or you can sell them that way on your own.

Photography is tricky to get right, but people with a keen eye tend to excel at it. That’s why it makes such a great side-job for law enforcement officers.

Lawn Care

If you struggle to find a way to stay outdoors or get some exercise, lawn care is an excellent way to do both of those things as a side-job for law enforcement officers.

Not only is lawn care a surprisingly lucrative trade, but it can also be therapeutic. There’s something about getting outside and doing some work that calms the mind.

Simply reach out to people you know in your community and find out if they need any work done. The great thing about lawn care is that it’s a job that can be redone every few weeks, so there’s always a steady stream of income. That’s why it’s such a great job of law enforcement officers.

Security Planning

Every event needs security. Whether it’s a concert or a community fair, there needs to be somebody in charge of making sure it goes smoothly. That’s where you come in.

As a law enforcement officer, you have the skills and knowledge necessary to manage the security of an event. Even better, you have the connections to find workers who will manage situations the right way.

Start reaching out to event planners in your community and let them know you’d be happy to manage the security for their events. Let them know you’re a law enforcement officer, and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding work.


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Roy Miles
Roy Miles

September 09, 2019

After 30 years in Law Enforcement and six years private security, tired dealing with public. I have taken a job with car rental company as a transported. Best job I ever had.

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