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5 Reasons Why Being A Police Officer is Awesome

Being a police officer is more than just earning a good income, receiving health insurance for the family, and getting nice retirement benefits. There are various reasons for becoming a Law Enforcement Officer; from the public service benefits and protecting the community. Below are just 5 Reasons Why Being a Police Officer is Awesome.

1) Helping Others

True happiness comes from helping others, and that is the primary job of being a Police Officer. Sometimes it's the little things can have the biggest impact on someone's life. From small acts of kindness, such as helping to change a flat tire, or showing empathy to an assault victim, these little acts can go a long way.

2) Training

Police training is to improve the skills police officers need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. From learning safety control, defensive tactics, firearms training, pursuit driving, first aid and CPR to other essential and advanced training for different job aspects; they are worth it and can be a lot of fun.

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3) Batman’s Assets Aka. The “Toys.”

Yes, by “toys” we’re talking about the weapons. Or if you’d like to think of it as "Batman’s assets," you can. With the high-power flashlights,taser and conductive weapons, well-performing side-arm, handcuffs and higher-capacity magazines, you get to use them all; not to mention the belt is the pretty impressive.

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4) Police Cars

Even though mounted police were once rare, police officers and cars go together like peanut butter and jelly. That's not even the best part. Many departments offer take-home cars. That's right, you get to park that 10-8 in your driveway!

Of course, the driving is what makes it fun. With the sleek look of the cars; the body style, paint schemes, emergency equipment and not to mention, the police package upgrades. Even if there are departments that use pool cars, roam around the town like it’s your own.
5) The Camaraderie

We all know that law enforcement is a unique profession, it’s considered a one-of-a-kind job, for police officers have established a brotherhood. You have a constant sense of belonging and family which is rare in the corporate world. When everything's crumbling around you, police officers can rely on each other to protect and bond with, and that’s definitely one of the best reasons to become one.


Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed our 5 Reasons Why Being A Police Officer is Awesome. We know that there are probably a ton more reasons that we didn't list above.