Thin Blue Line Police True Love - Shirt


Police officers walk the line to stand between the community and chaos risking their lives every day. Let us appreciate law enforcement officers' true love for the community by wearing this "Thin Blue Line Police True Love - Shirt". The design is a combination of the Thin Blue Line, heart, and the American Flag. It's a wonderful gift for any dedicated law enforcement officer. Wear this shirt, sweater, or hoodie to spread love and hope for our brothers and sisters in blue.

Please Note: The design is on the FRONT of the shirts and hoodies. 

The Thin blue line shirts are available in different styles, colors and sizes.

  • District Unisex Shirt: 100% cotton 
  • District Long Sleeve: 100% cotton 
  • District Made Women Shirt: 100% cotton
  • Hoodie: 50/50 cotton/poly fleece

Please View Sizing Chart to guide you in choosing the perfect-fitting Shirt size.