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Proud Dad Shirts and Hoodies

Proud Dad Shirts and Hoodies

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Proud Dad Shirts and Hoodies

If your son or daughter is a freaking awesome Police Officer, our Proud Dad Shirt is a must have. The shirts and hoodies have a sweet message saying "I'm a proud DAD of a freaking awesome police officer." A great gift to give or receive, perfect for birthdays or holidays.

Please Note: The design is on the FRONT of the shirts and hoodies. 

The Thin blue line shirts are available in different styles, colors and sizes.

  • District Unisex Shirt: 100% cotton 
  • District Long Sleeve: 100% cotton 
  • Hoodie: 50/50 cotton/poly fleece

Please View Sizing Chart to guide you in choosing the perfect-fitting Shirt size. 

Other Available Styles:
Proud MOM Shirt
Proud DAUGHTER Shirt
Proud SON Shirt